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Top 10 Dishes Kerala

Top 10 Dishes - Kerala

Kerala is known the best as a land of exotic spices so don’t be surprised by the dishes and curries that this state offers. Along with the spicy biryanis and curries, there are other dishes to eat in Kerala such as halwa, payasam, etc. which are all desserts. There’s even a street named ‘Mittayi theruvu’ in Kozhikode which has hundreds of sweet shops selling halwa in different flavors.

In Kerala, you’ll get the grand breakfast like idiyappam, appam, puttu, dosa, pathiri, etc. which goes with any vegetarian or non-vegetarian curry. Tea is the major drink for Kerala people as they take two cups in the morning and two in the evening. Rice is served for lunch and side dishes, curries or fries for dinner.

Do not miss these top 10 dishes in Kerala which are rich in spices and will tell you the culture of this state.

1-Dosa served with sambar and chutney 

Pancake or dosa prepared from rice is favorite of Malayalees. Usually, this top the list in one of the favorite breakfast items for Malayalees. Crispy dosa served with ghee on it is called as Ghee Dosa Roast.

Masala Dosa is a dish which you’ll find in the vegetarian hotels of Kerala if you visit in the mornings. 

2-Puttu and Kadala curry

Cylindrical steam cake or Puddu is one of the favorite dishes to eat in Kerala and usually it is the breakfast item for the people of Kerala. The dish is considered as healthy and good for health as the rice flour gets steamed to make puttu.

The best combination for Puttu is usually chickpea curry or Kadala. Also, it will taste delicious when served with boiled bananas and papadam.

3-Appam and Stew

Valyappam is another breakfast Kerala delight. People also take it in lunch or sometimes in dinner. Appams are usually taken with chicken curry, stew, mutton, and even fish molly.

4-Idli Sambar/Chutney

Idli made from rice and lentils is steamed usually and has been accepted for the health benefits that it has got. It is also one of the top 10 dishes in Kerala which is served in breakfast. Idli is combined usually with coconut chutney and hot sambar. This dish is another breakfast delight of Kerala people.

5-Ela Sadya

What else could be better than different vegetarian dishes for lunch?  It is a royal lunch that combines a different variety of dishes such as kichdi, pachadi, olan, pulliserry, varavu, sambar, etc. The banana leaf which is served with steamed rice will lure your taste. Payasam is a dessert which is served along with it.

6-Idiyappam and Egg curry

Idiyappam which is also called as Kerala noodles made of salt, rice flour and water is another breakfast delight. It tastes the best when combined with egg curry and it is also one of the best dishes to eat in Kerala. Also, it will get delighted when combined with mutton or chicken curry.

7-Kerala style prawn curry

People who are prawn lovers can’t miss having prawn curry. It is sprinkled and filled with pepper, chilly, salt and then cooked in jaggery and coconut milk and then gets garnished with curry leaves.

Hot steaming rice or chapattis, when served with prawn curry, will put you closer to spices. The curry is one of the specialties and also the top 10 dishes in Kerala. If you love seafood then there are various other varieties of prawns that you must try.

8-Spicy chicken fry

Chicken gets fried with spices, onions, garlic as well as vinegar on a banana leaf. You can have it with Porotta, chapattis, appam or rice. Some of the hotels serve this item with dosa and it tastes amazing.

9-Kerala style fish molee

It is another best dish from Kerala. Kudampulli, when combined with coconut, provides a blend of uniqueness.

10-Pumpkin and Lentil Stew or Erissery

If you are a vegetarian and would like to explore the vegetarian dish in Kerala then this should be on top of the list. Prepared from lentils and pumpkin, it is one of the best dishes to eat in Kerala.

If you are planning for a visit to Kerala then you shouldn’t miss these exotic dishes.

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